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I'm the author of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Benedicta Takes Wing, a collection of short stories forthcoming from Philippine American Literary House (PALH) in January 2018.

I was born, raised, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm the mother of three teenage daughters, but guess what? I'm doing okay. 

My reading venues/classroom visits include the Library of Congress - Asian Division, Asian Pacific Museum, San Francisco Main Library, Bindlestiff Studio, Bayanihan Community Center, UC Berkeley, USF, SFSU, Santa Clara University, and Notre Dame de Namur.

My fiction has appeared in literary journals including Bamboo Ridge, Prism International, and SmokeLong Quarterly, as well as in several anthologies. 
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From the introduction by Marianne Villanueva:

"Filipinos are a very socialized people, and Veronica's stories fully capture that aspect of our personalities. Her stories are family-centered, which means they are relationship-centered: in "The Photograph," "Marivic sensed that Jonathan thought of her family as a human vacuum." The inclusive (sometimes suffocating) web of the Filipino family is never depicted as either bad or good, it just is. It's a complicated world, one where asserting individual freedom or individual happiness can feel like betrayal."

"There is hope, though. Things are never as bleak as they appear. There may be gossip, and pettiness, and even downright cruelty—who hurts us better than the people who know us best?—yet here everyone is, loving each other in spite of."

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